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New Tivoli Integrated Portal

Monday, May 13th, 2013

From some time new version of Tivoli Integrated Portal, cutely referred to as TIP, is available and numbered (Reminder, so called TIP 3.x is not TIP in fact, it is DASH, means Dashboard Application Services Hub and even though it works on same components, it should be considered as another thing).

What does it all mean to TBSM and TCR and WebGUI administrators?

In order to install the top code level available at the moment (today is 13th of May 2013), you need to download and install:

1. TBSM – I make assumption it’s the code level for most of users yet – which installs with Netcool WebGUI and TIP and Impact GUI Server 6.1.0.

2. TCR – which runs TIP 2.1 itself but can install over TBSM code with TIP with no issues.

3. TIP fix pack – I suggest installing it before trying later TIP fix packs first. FITSuit is prerequisite to this one.

4. TBSM 6.1 Fix Pack 1 – this will install Dashboard Server component upgrade which does require minimum TIP

5. Netcool OMNIbus WebGUI 7.3.1 FP6 – it is prerequisite to TIP

6. TIP – with relevant FITSuit – on top of everything

If You start from TCR 2.1 installation and want to upgrade to TIP, you need to start from TIP 2.2.0 refresh pack (and FITSuit) and continue straight with TIP after all (assuming you have no WebGUI).

Here’s short list of compatible (“certified”) components the new TIP fix pack can install on:

Tivoli Integrated Portal FixPack Installation
PASS: Installed TCRStandalone is certified with tip2.2.0.11.
PASS: Installed TBSM is certified with tip2.2.0.11.
FAIL: Installed OMNIbusWebGUI is not certified with tip2.2.0.11. Certified versions:,,