Netcool/Impact and ServiceNow!

Have you ever tried to integrate Netcool/Impact and ServiceNow! ?

ServiceNow!… It’s an interesting piece of software I must admit and it’s in a public cloud, in Internet. You can create a lot of customizations and your own project and applications like CMDB, incident management, problem management, probably marketing people from SN! would tell you more benefits.

I’ve had a need to integrate my Impact 6.1.1 with SN! via SOAP recently and just wanted to share few general tips.

1. SN! WSDLs seem to be not correctly generated for Axis2 and must be manually adjusted before you approach compiling them in Netcool/Impact, I basically go and open my WSDL, I visit every complextType entry and remove the name parameter and value, so I leave <complextType> only. Only with this your WSDL will compile in nci_compilewsdl. Thank you Yasser from Impact dev team to pointing me to that one! 🙂

2. SN! CA-signed certificate must be imported to your ImpactProfile WAS. It’s Entrust Inc. And here’s the full instruction for Impact:

3. You’ve got a basic HTTP authentication in SN! and probably won’t be allowed to switch it off, then compilation of WSDL is possible only locally with a downloaded WSDL file (both from CLI and GUI).

4. Policy generated by wizard is good and works well, usually a single parameter being selected helps it working better since the beginning (so you generate WSParams variable correctly).

The documentation of SN! in wiki is pretty well however not everything is documented and beware of your version of ServiceNow!

Everything else depends on your needs, if this is incident management integration (opening tickets) or CMDB (importing service trees to TBSM).

That would be it. I’ll share more after I finish my integration with TBSM.


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